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26 janeiro 2010

Question of the day

What if I take my master's degree at New School for Social Research? Yes, I'm talking about that avant-garde university of New York.
I don't know... Since the last weeks, I've been thinking a lot about where to study after my graduation at UnB (end of 2011 or 1st semester of 2012). The main thinkers of Libertarianism lived and/or studied in the USA (some of them at NY, too; Rothbard and his master Mises, for example). So, if I want to be part of this tradition, of the renewal of Libertarian thought (and, of course, a Brazilian contribution for it), the best option of country to take the master's degree - and also the doctorate - isn't Brazil or even UK, but probably... United States of America.
Yes, I'm aware that, if I really want to go to New School, I'll have to study like hell for the next (and last) 2 or 3 years of my graduation. I'll have to take one of those proficiency tests, and look for scholarships. However, if I keep this goal in mind, maybe my future might be very interesting. I'm confident that I can get more than IUPERJ or USP.
Okay, you can call me pedant for writing this post in English, heh.





ahm, você sabe que a new school é uma escola tradicionalmente de esquerda, né?
e "pedant" é um substantivo, by the way. melhor seria: "you can call me pedantic" ou "call me a pedant". :) (being pedantic)

Ops, valeu pela correção. É, descobri mesmo que New School é de esquerda, mas sei lá, gostei da idéia de uma grade bem livre e interdisciplinar... Mas, por acaso, você sabe de alguma universidade americana boa, de viés liberal/libertário, mas sem enfoque excessivo em métodos quantitativos?

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